Elvezia’s autenthic Olandesina

A long story

The history of the Olandesina begins in the sixties, in the laboratory of the Elvezia pastry shop in Novi Ligure at the hands of Mario Demicheli, Matteo’s grandfather.

Today the Olandesina is loved throughout Italy, but its original recipe is still kept secret in the ancient recipe book of Elvezia, kept and handed down from generation to generation.


Prepared with the original yeast created by Nonno Mario

To the conquest of Cake Star!

In the episode of the famous Cake Star TV show of 2021, which saw Elvezia triumph, our Olandesina was also present.

Made exclusively by hand

The Olandesina of Elvezia is the result of the hands of our pastry chefs, through selected raw materials. Inside is its original cream, made with only milk, egg yolk and vanilla beans from Madagascar.

The mother yeast created by Nonno Mario, combined with other selected ingredients such as free-range eggs, alpine butter and poodle vanilla cream, gives the Dutch its unique softness.

Our Olandesina has a very long and slow leavening which guarantees its unmistakable taste.

Book and Pick-up in our patisserie 

For sixty years we have baked them every day and all day and serve them at the counter, in the tea room and in the botanical garden.
If you prefer to enjoy them still hot directly at your home, it is also possible to book them!

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