Other Elvezia’s Sweets

Baci di Dama di Novi

Baci di Dama

Two crumbly hazelnut biscuits paired with 60% dark chocolate.

Panettone Genovese

Panettone Genovese

Traditional Ligurian dessert, reinterpreted by Elvezia with the addition of typical Piedmontese products, including the IGP hazelnut.

Cioccolateria e Pralineria

Chocolate and Pralines

Our chocolates, with particular shapes and colors, melt in the mouth, revealing its fillings with the most classic flavors, such as hazelnut, milk, amaretto, pistachio to the more particular ones typical of our territory, such as vermouth or bitter.

Biscotti fatti a mano

Elvezia busciuits

Five packs of handmade biscuits by Elvezia. Ideal for breakfast or a delicious break.

Pasticceria Alessandria


Our assortment of minions is made up of small and precious pastry jewels: from classic cream puffs, to fruit tarts and our cubes, such as sacher, diplomatica or chantilly. In addition to the characteristic minion cannons.

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